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Molly Ness, PhD.

Literacy Advocate - Podcaster - Former University Professor - Author- Reading Clinician - Reading Researcher

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My newest book - published in 2023-
with foreword by Natalie Wexler

A Solution Tree publication, this book:

  • Highlights the role of read alouds in the science of reading

  • Overviews the physiological, academic, linguistic, and socioemotional benefits of read alouds

  • Presents a ready-to-use planning guide for reading aloud across content areas and grade levels


My Story

My career in education began as a middle school teacher in Oakland with Teach For America. I hold a doctorate in reading education from the University of Virginia, where I served as the director of the McGuffey Reading Center. I spent 16 years as a university professor;  I am a prolific researcher and writer; I have written four books and numerous articles in top-tiered educational journals.  In 2019, I created the End Book Deserts podcast, and in 2022 created the Coalition for Literacy Equity.

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