Molly K. Ness, PhD

Teacher Educator – University Professor - Author - Consultant - Researcher – Reading Clinician

“I want to express my sincerest gratitude for your time and effort.  The staff has continued to share their enthusiastic responses to your dialogue and the ideas and knowledge that you presented.  You have provided an incredible opportunity for our staff and our parents to learn and to reflect on what our little ones will face in their schooling ahead, and how we can best provide for their success.”

Cheryl Flood

School Director

“Literacy education is constantly evolving. Dr. Ness’ approach to literacy instruction is pragmatic and innovative. One of the strategies I learned from her, that I found particularly helpful as a kindergarten teacher, is the use of a think aloud during a reading lesson. Modeling is necessary in kindergarten in order to show the children exactly what is being expected of them. Dr. Ness handles this approach with finesse and creativity. The children in my class were highly engaged and enthusiastic.”

Deb Rosado

Kindergarten Teacher

“As a teacher, Dr. Ness is second to none. Dr. Ness easily earns respect from her students because of her depth of knowledge in the areas of reading and writing. She delivers this knowledge clearly and precisely, yet with humor. Dr. Ness has a gentle, natural way with children; eliciting responses through humor and encouragement.  Dr. Ness is the rare individual who embodies what it means to be a true teacher and academic at the same time.”

Doug Distefano

Second Grade Teacher

“Everything I know about literacy instruction in an elementary classroom is because of Dr. Molly Ness. Through her, I have learned about numerous strategies and activities to enhance students’ fluency and comprehension, which have greatly affected my own confidence as an educator. She continues to be a reliable mentor throughout my teaching career, always making herself available for guidance. I look forward to working with Dr. Ness in the future and learning even more from her in the years to come.”

Daniel Mullen

Fourth Grade Teacher

Dr.Ness’ professional development on literacy across the middle school content area was so comprehensive that it gave all content area teachers useful ideas on how to bring literacy strategies into their classrooms. I believe all teachers should be ‘reading teachers’ and Dr.Ness showed the how they can be to best serve their students.

Patricia Rizzo

Principal- Dover UFSD Middle School

Dr. Ness delivered one of the best, effective and comprehensive professional developments on reading strategies the district has ever had. Her presentation was engaging, tailored to the district’s needs and extremely user friendly for both teachers and administrators. The participants were able to immediately use the strategies they learned to enhance student learning in their classrooms.   The teachers were so impressed with Dr. Ness that they requested individual sessions for coaching.  I would highly recommend Dr. Ness to for your next professional development and/or coaching needs.

MaryBeth Kenny

Director, Student Services Dover Union Free School District

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