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This was originally posted on October 17, 2017 but was lost in my website upgrade. Confession time. When I walk into a classroom and see books and libraries organized by levels, I cringe. Like many things in the field of education, the trend towards leveling books by guided reading / Fountas and Pinnell / Lexile … Read more

Lose the Leveled Libraries

This was originally posted on November 17,  2017 but got lost in my website upgrade! Big things happened with Fountas & Pinnell on a Twitter chat last week! What does this mean to you? How does it translate to your classroom library? And why am I so excited? Read on to find out! I feel … Read more

Revisiting What Can You Let Go?

Lately I’ve been privileged to follow thought-provoking conversations from my PLN (Professional Learning Network, for you non-Tweeters) about the idea of change in education. Education in notoriously slow to change; in fact, I’d argue that education is often resistant to change. The ever-astute Dr. Mary Howard posed this question, “Why are we still seeing so … Read more

Is it Dyslexia or is it ‘Dysteachia’?

Did you see this great article about teacher knowledge and instruction for readers with dyslexia? If you’re short on time, I’ll summarize for you. In too many districts, children are not getting the explicit instruction in phonics and phonemic awareness that they need to become readers – and hence, many children appear to be struggling … Read more

Showcasing my inner geek!

Do you know what a vowel is? And no, the correct answer IS NOT A, E, I, O, U (and sometimes Y). Let me geek out for a minute to explain why linguistics matter. Read my featured blog post from Mastery Chat for the answer (and why YOU should care)..

Dyslexia Myth Busting (Take #1)

Several years ago, my mother sent me a Halloween card. The front depicted two ghosts; instead of saying “Boo”, they said “Oob.” The bottom of the card read “Dyslexic Ghosts” and the inside of the card read “Halloween Happy” rather than “Happy Halloween”. While the card was meant to provide some levity, it really got … Read more

The Link Between Ikea and Dyslexia

If you’ve ever had to furnish an apartment on a budget, chances are you’ve had the pleasure of assembling Ikea furniture. Perhaps you’ve noticed that the directions are a bit different than most assembly manuals. Ikea’s assembly manuals rely entirely on pictures; there are no words to be found. If you’ve never assembled the beloved … Read more

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