GRADES 1 & 2:

Think Aloud as You Read Aloud to Your Child

As we read aloud to our children, many of us naturally ask questions to check for their understanding. While these questions (often simple, literal ones) are useful to measure comprehension, they don't truly help to build a child's ability to understand. Instead, what is more powerful is for adults - as proficient readers - to show what we are doing to understand a text. We can do this through a think aloud, a strategy where we verbalize our thought processes so that students can learn from and emulate our thinking. A think aloud is almost as if we are opening up our brains to show our children how to build comprehension. Read more about thinking aloud in my 2020 article in Parents Magazine,  linked here. Also,  I explain more about 'Making the Most of Your Read Aloud' in this webinar here.


It is particularly helpful to use "I language" to show kids what we are doing. This article shows you how to think aloud - it is easy and fun! Next, watch me in quick video of a think aloud. Watch this video as I try out a think aloud in a Kindergarten classroom, as I read the book The Circus Ship by Chris van Dusen (watch my video here on why I LOVE this author / illustrator)