GRADES 1 & 2

Introduction & Overview

First grade is all about CVC words (short vowel words that have a consonant, vowel, consonant - like mat). In first grade, kids learn how to push sounds together to make words, a skill called blending. Towards the end of first grade and throughout second grade, children explore long vowels. Kids here are beginning early chapter books, like Cowboy Kate, Frog and Toad, and Henry and Mudge.  To see what  is expected of first graders, watch this video titled 'What does a Fluent First Grade Reader Look Like?"

In second grade, students read two-syllable. words, read words with prefixes and suffixes, and self-correct mistakes and re-read when necessary. To see what  is expected of second graders, watch this video titled 'What does a Fluent Second Grade Reader Look Like?"

Resources to Support Your First Grader

Resources to Support Your Second Grader

More specifically, the following ideas / strategies are important at home...

  • Help kids with sounding out words

  • Play board games 

  • Encourage oral reading

  • Think aloud as you read to your child

  • Avoid flashcards for sight words

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