Read Alouds Don't Need to be a 'Sit Still' Experience

Kids don't have to be snuggled up in our laps to reap the benefits of read alouds (watch me explain more here). Busy toddlers and squirmy babies can listen along to read alouds even if they are playing with blocks, building trains, or just on the move! I often incorporate read alouds at meal time - as the child is strapped into a high chair! Or make your read alouds happen at bath time (check out my family's literacy-rich bath time  on this  video),  when a child is a captive audience in the tub! Another idea is to buy an inexpensive CD player and after you read aloud, let your toddler listen to books on CD available at your local public library.


For more ideas, check out 'Reading Aloud to Kids who Won't Sit Still' for terrific ideas on how to allow / encourage movement in read alouds (be sure to look at their book list for texts that encourage movement!) 

How about Wiggling, Giggling, and Moving from Head to Toe: Books that Encourage Exercise?


Or '50 Alternatives to Sitting Quietly During Read Aloud Time'from a mom who experienced this with her child!