Don't Shy Away from Repeated Readings


Confession time! When my five-year old asked me to read Pinkalicious for what felt like the nineteenth time, I hid the book. Here's a great time for you to do what I say, not what I did! Repeated readings are incredibly important for children to build their vocabulary, to better understand the story, and to build their ability to interact with text. Don't believe me? Here are some resources / research behind repeated readings:

However, each time you read the same book over, involve your child more. Try this:

  • Encourage them to chime in on the rhymes that they know. So when you read Good Night Moon for the zillioneth time, read, "A spoon and a brush, and a bowl full of....", encouraging them to chime in "Mush!"

  • When you flip the pages, tell them, "Remind me what happens here?!"

  • Have them retell the story to you based on the familiar illustrations.

So swallow a big dose of parenting patience, and try not to groan when they hand you the same book, and say, "Read it again please!"