educational evaluations

Not every child needs a full neuropsychological evaluation – which is both time-consuming and expensive.  I offer educational evaluations focusing on language and literacy, including the following:
  • language abilities
  • cognitive skills
  • short-term and long-term memory
  • executive function skills
  • foundations of literacy, including fluency, comprehension, orthography/spelling, word & phonics knowledge, and more...

I use a battery of formal and informal assessments to understand a child’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas of need. Using highly developed diagnostic skills, I determine which assessments are most informative for each child. My information will provide you with the whole picture of your child's learning development, as I collect data on the foundational skills of learning and literacy. You will come away with a complete picture of your child as a learner.


Following the assessment procedures, I meet face-to-face with parents to discuss and explain my findings and recommendations. I also provide a clinical report, which may prove especially useful for schools and tutors. 


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