Introduction & Overview

Maybe you've heard the expression, "Kindergarten is the new first grade." What does this mean? It means that in the last decade, the literacy expectations for young children have dramatically increased. Maybe you're concerned that Kindergarten is no longer about free play and socialization, or that Kindergarten is no longer developmentally appropriate. In fact, as pointed out by this terrific article, literacy has always been a key facet of Kindergarten. Our focus here is on how to help your young child become a beginning reader. After building knowledge about phonological awareness and letter-sound correspondence, you'll get some ideas for things to do at home, including this:

  • Playing silly sound games

  • Embracing repeated readings

  • Reading from informational text

But first,  let’s start here....This PBS article has great recommendations for what to expect by the end of Kindergarten. Remember that all children develop differently, and that if you are concerned about your child you should consult his/her teacher and pediatrician.