The Rise of the Read Aloud

Isn't it lovely to have some good news to report!? The percentage of parents who read to their children has increased by 50% since 2014! Clearly the public service announcements, librarians, early childhood educators, teachers, counselors, school leaders, doctors, speech language pathologists, literacy organizations, and additional service providers have successfully delivered messages about the power of reading aloud. The Scholastic report is a must read. As an advocate for reading aloud to every child, every day, I was recently interviewed by Ed Week (with its print circulation of 50,000 readers!). Check out the article here, or fast-forward to my quote below:

"Kids who are read to at home have better transitions to formal school settings," said Molly Ness, associate professor of childhood education at Fordham University in New York City. "They have longer attention spans. There is some research showing that kids who are read to have better social skills. We've got decades of really clear research showing that it is so important to read aloud to kids every day at home."

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