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'I always come away feeling inspired and invigorated, not just in relation to reading and learning, but to life in general, so thank you!  You have a wonderful way of interspersing your practical advice with accessible theory and personal anecdotes - it is a real pleasure to hear you speak."

Parent Workshop Attendee

“I want to express my sincerest gratitude for your time and effort.  The staff has continued to share their enthusiastic responses to your dialogue and the ideas and knowledge that you presented.  You have provided an incredible opportunity for our staff to learn how we can best provide for student success.”

School Director

“Literacy education is constantly evolving. Dr. Ness’s approach to literacy instruction is pragmatic and innovative.  Dr. Ness teaches with finesse and creativity. The children in my class were highly engaged and enthusiastic.”

Former Graduate Student

”Dr. Ness delivered one of the best, effective and comprehensive professional developments on reading strategies the district has ever had.  The participants were able to immediately use the strategies they learned to enhance student learning in their classrooms.   I would highly recommend Dr. Ness to for your next professional development and/or coaching needs.”

District Leader

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