Research-Based, Engaging, Differentiated Professional Learning
I offer professional learning in language, literacy, and reading instruction. My work is engaging, relevant, research-based, and carefully tailored to meet the needs of your school or district. My professional learning comes in two formats: face-to-face and online. 
Choose from the partial list below, or tailor something to the needs of your school:
  • Think Big with Think Alouds: Building Reading Comprehension through a Three-Step Process
  • My, What Big Words You Use!: Improving Vocabulary Instruction through Read Alouds
  • The Question is the Answer: Supporting Emergent Readers and Writers
  • Sort Your Heart Out: Words Study in K-5 Classrooms
  • Comprehension and Composition with Informational Text
  • Hot Tips for Fluency Fun
  • Unlevel those Libraries: Motivating Independent Reading through Access, Relevance, and Choice
  • The More You Read, the More You Know: Best Practices for Comprehension Instruction
I offer three formats of virtual professional development. My offerings can be self-paced and allow teachers to select their own topics, for increased buy-in. I use a variety of digital tools (Zoom, GoogleHangout, Insertlearning, etc) to offer any of the following:  
  • Mastermind Meetings, where I virtually assemble a small group of people to talk about their work, set professional goals, learn together, and problem solve.
  • Online book clubs 
  • Flipped PD, where I create modules for your staff including links to videos, articles, and other relevant learning tools which teachers access on their own time.



I offer anything from a two-hour workshop to a long-term coaching relationship. Embedded in research and, I engage participants in participatory activities and share my passion for reading instruction. Though I do short-term work, my real favorite is working with teachers and schools in a longer-term coaching


Making the Most of Your

ELA Block

Author: Dr. Molly Ness

Course Description

This course presents research-based, engaging, student-centered strategies to build comprehension and vocabulary in K-5 students.

Driving Question

How can I maximize effective comprehension and vocabulary strategies in my K-5 ELA block?


Course Objective

  • To understand the importance of background knowledge in comprehension.

  • To explore effective vocabulary instruction.

  • To build teachers' abilities to think aloud to promote effective comprehension instruction.

  • To understand how to support readers after reading.

The Wonderful World of Word Study K-8

Author: Dr. Molly Ness

Course Description

This course helps K-8 teachers understand why spelling matters and how spelling develops. It explores word study as an effective instructional approach to build phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and orthography skills.


Course Objective

  • To explain why spelling matters in students’ literacy development

  • To overview spelling development and spelling stages

  • To understand how to assess students’ spelling

  • To give instructional ideas to integrate vocabulary, fluency, and orthography into the overall reading curriculum


Raising a Reader:

Creating Literacy-Rich Home Environments

Author: Dr. Molly Ness

Course Description

This course helps parents and caregivers create literacy-rich home environments. It explores what to expect at each stage of a child's literacy development and how to foster a love of reading.

Driving Question
What can I - as a parent or caregiver - do at home to help my child love to read?​

Course Objectives
By taking this course learners will:

  • Outline the compelling research about the importance of home literacy practices

  • Present the key literacy developments and milestones from ages birth through twelve

  • Provide concrete, practical, and easy-to-implement strategies to motivate and entertain readers through elementary school